I have transformed the way I think about food...

I can help you lead a healthy lifestyle!

Who isn't looking to live a healthier lifestyle and happier, longer lives? I am striving to do just that by motivating and bringing health to our community through Culinary Wellness Classes, Nutrition Awareness Seminars and Youth Panel Discussions about the connections between good health and fresh food, climate change, social justice, organic gardening, and environmental awareness. I have already reached and guided many people, young and old, on their journey to disease-free, organic living.

Whether it be speaking to an entire classroom, stadium audiences or just someone looking for an individual accessment of their weight loss and healthy eating goals and other personal nutritionist needs, I am up to the challenge. I also practice Reiki Healing (a spiritual practice, considered a form of pseudoscientific alternative medicine) and have many client testimonials about how this method has assisted them in a happier, healthier lifestyle!

HEALTH IS WEALTH! Disease-free, organic living!

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Alkemia Earth

As an Artist of Life, Visionary, Raw Vegan Chef, Healer, Organic Gardener, Speaker, Yogini, Educator, Alchemist, Plant-Based Nutritionist, DJ and Mother of 5, Arasia "Alkemia" Earth; aka Mixmaster Alkemia has been applying her methods of mind-body wellness for over nearly TWO DECADES.

She began by questioning ingredients in her food, and thus started studying chemical additives and preservatives and their side effects on the human body and mind through human, plant, and mineral biology. She then made the transition to eating vegan, and an nearly all RAW FOOD DIET! Many are anticipating her and her husband's upcoming recipe book, "DAMN NEAR RAW", expecting to release in 2015!

As a DJ, mixmaster alkemia demonstrates her understanding and unique perspective of cymatics, manifesting how frequency and vibration create the structures of matter and life. As a healer, Alkemia facilitates the process of mind/body restoration through her mastery of Usui Reiki and the domancic method of bioenergy healing. Using that system, in partnership with raw foods, herbology, and alchemy, she has helped many restore their health and wellness.

Currently, Alkemia travels nationally to educate, demonstrate, lecture, and perform along side her husband, international eco hip hop artist/educator DJ Cavem Moetavation.


Notable Appearances

White House Easter Egg Roll - Eggcited to Cook!

Peace, love, and light universal family. So, we just go back from 127th annual the White House Easter Egg Roll, which also happened to be a very special day for the first lady's Lets Move! Initiative, being the 5th anniversary. We were invited out by the executive director of Lets Move! to rock our Culinary Concert on the chef's stage along with Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson, Gail Simmons, Chris Cosentino, and Aaron Sanchez. So dope. But hold up, let me answer the question asked by everyone, "did you meet the President of the United States?" Yes, we were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Change, took a flick, and that was that. Wow. My first time to D.C. and of all places, I end up there. Interesting. The best part? Kickin' it with Allen, the owner of Hooper's store on Sesame Street, and Captain Planet. He even came and rocked the stage with us!

Now that, is EPIC. First Eco HipHop performance EVER, in history at the White House. That's like, hieroglyphic style.

TEDx Mannattan

My husband Ietef was invited to do a talk at this year's Tedx Manhattan at the New York Times Center. EPIC. I was also invited to DJ the entire event...which I must admit, I was a little nervous since it was my first solo DJ gig aside from deejaying for my husband. Ahhhh! I ROCKED it. Good thing too. This was the first time Tedx Manhattan has had the wheel of steel on deck. History. This year's Tedx Manhattan topic was "Changing the Way We Eat". Perfect. Now everyone knows we can go on and on about food, but we knew we had to change it up a bit... break the rules a little. Instead of talking for 15 minutes, we decided to mix it up a bit and end it with our Culinary Concert. Cody ChesnuTT joined us onstage to perform our latest release, "Cool To Live". Inspiring. There were so many inspiring talks. We met so many amazing people, with something to say. Grateful.

Tedx Manhattan had over 608 MILLION media impressions, over 17,000 computers tuned into the livestream, over 20 million social media impressions. ROCKIN'!

CLICK HERE to see my profile on the TEDx website

CLICK HERE to listen to "Cool To Live" Ft. Cody ChesnuTT

Culinary Wellness Appearances

Arasia "Alkemia" Earth's other notable appearances include TEDx, Easter Egg Roll at the WHITE HOUSE, Mile High Raw Living Expo, International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference, Green Restival Los Angelos, Hollywood Film Festival, and the Jubilee Peace Fest, to name just a few!!

Where are we going next?

Look out for my upcoming youtube channel around culinary wellness, gardening, and whatever else inspires us. Our channel will feature short videos with recipes, organic gardening tips, and all around freshness.

We are in production for our ""DJ.Cavem Moetavation" | Hip Hop from Denver, CO" video, with Dj Cavem featuring Cody ChesnuTT and Bianca Mikahn. We are releasing this summer, and I am excited for this movement. We want to take you on a journey of life and how cool it really is. Life is fresh and beautiful.

Catch myself and DJ Cavem performing our Culinary Concert at the Grand Opening of Natural Grocers in Wheatridge, CO on May 23rd.

Looking forward to this summer! This is when we can really take our curriculum beyond the school walls, and it's gardening season! Art of Glo and Going Green Living Bling are funding youth Eco HipHop summer camps. We need your support with our workshop materials for our students.
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A upcoming Youtube Channel centered around all things green and glo-ing!


Release of our upcoming Recipe Book, DAMN NEAR RAW", expecting to release in 2018!

All Year Round!

Culinary Concerts at Natural Grocers & many other events!


Art of Glo and Going Green Living Bling are funding youth Eco HipHop summer camps

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